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Launching Voltaren Pain relief gel in America 

Brief: To help the arthritis sufferers rediscover their joy of movement through Voltaren and the power of music 

Insight: Music has the power to help those who have retracted from movement to return to movement 

Science: Harvard Psychology Professor, Ellen J. Langer, PhD in her “counterclockwise” experiment, demonstrated that reliving a point in time from our younger, more vital days through music; can  significantly improve our physical well-being.

Idea: Paula Abdul dances with her younger self thanks to Voltaren

Making the world see Islam in a good light on the occassion of Ramazan

Brief: To create contextual messaging for Dirt is Good in the holy month of Ramazan in Pakistan.

Cultural Context: In present times of fear and hate, islamic faith is often seen in a negative light. The true tenets of islam are infact about humanity and compassion.

Insight: Ramazan is not merely about the fast, it is about the ‘niyat’ i.e the intention of the fast. Dirt is good if it helps you experience the true spirit of Ramazan.

Idea: Helping is an act of faith #madadekibadad

Outcome: 10 million views within 1 week of campaign launch; going viral in markets it wasnt even intended for like India and USA apart from Pakistan. 

Award: Silver Effie 

Supporting Prime Minister Modi's Nationwide Cleanliness Drive


The Brief: Help Hindustan Unilever Limited (HUL); India’s largest FMCG Company make a meaningful contribution to the PM’s cleanliness mission, and thus build the corporate brand


Problem: Cleanliness has been a perennial problem in India; not solvable by building infrastructure

Approach: Get to the bottom of the problem through a habit-change intervention


Idea: Spread habits faster than germs through children as change agents

Award: Silver Effie 

Helping young India make their 'First Move' 

Brief: Create a sustainable engagement platform for brand Closeup; a brand that stands for fresh breath confidence to come closer. 

Cultural context: Ironically, in the land of Kama Sutra, people are quite tight lipped about kissing in public. The youth of India needed a confidence booster to approach the opposite sex and make their first move. 

Idea: Closeup First Move: a physical and virtual platform where you can make your first move with confidence

Award: Bronze Effie, APAC Shortlist 

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